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Meat Chicken Levy Amendment Bill 1991

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House: House of Representatives

Portfolio: Primary Industries and Energy


To correct a drafting error in the rate of the exotic animal disease levy imposed on meat chickens.


In 1989, the Government established the Exotic Animal Diseases Preparedness Consultation Council (the Council) which inquires into and advises the Government on Australia's preparedness to take action with respect to outbreaks of exotic animal diseases. The establishment of the Council gave effect to a commitment made in a Government Policy Statement of May 1988 - Primary Industries and Resources, Policies for Growth - which aims to improve the quality and timeliness of advice to the Government on the most cost effective preparedness measures.

The Council consists of a Chairperson, two persons nominated by the National Farmers Federation, one by the Australian Agricultural Council, a Departmental officer and three persons qualified to deal with the object of the Council. The Council and its programs are funded by the exotic animal disease component of levies on the egg, live-stock, chicken meat and pig industries and by the Commonwealth.

The Meat Chicken Levy Act Amendment Act 1989 provides for the chicken meat industry's contribution towards programs for the control and eradication of exotic animal diseases. The Act imposes a levy at a maximum rate of 0.005 cents per meat chicken. The operative rate of the levy may be prescribed at a rate no greater than that recommended by the National Farmers Federation representatives on the Exotic Animal Disease Preparedness Consultative Committee. The exotic animal disease levy will cease to operate, unless repealed sooner, on 30 June 1995.

In the Second Reading Speech to this Bill, the reason given by the Minister for the proposed amendment is that a drafting error was made in the maximum rate of the exotic animal disease levy which may be imposed on meat chickens. The Minister has indicated that the drafting error has been discussed with relevant meat chicken producers and that the National Farmers Federation has formally indicated its support for the proposed amendment.

Main Provisions

The Bill will have effect from 1 July 1991 (clause 2).

The effect of clause 3 will be increase the maximum rate of the exotic animal disease levy which may be prescribed for meat chickens from 0.005 cents to 0.05 cents per meat chicken.

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