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Parliament House Construction Authority Repeal Bill 1992

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House: House of Representatives

Portfolio: Administrative Services


To wind- up the Parliament House Construction Authority (the Authority).


The Authority was established by the Parliament House Construction Authority Act 1979 (the Principal Act). The Authority is a statutory corporation. Its functions include:

* to undertake and carry out the design and construction of Parliament House;

* to provide the Minister and any relevant Joint Committee with information on matters relating to the design or construction of Parliament House; and

* such other functions in relation to the design or construction of Parliament House as are conferred on it by the regulations.

The Authority closed its offices on 31 August 1990 and the Chairperson and members of the Authority tendered their resignations on 28 December 1990. Authority funding and consultant resources were transferred to the Department of Administrative Services on 1 January 1991. In the Authority's 1990- 91 Annual Report, it is reported that all contractors' claims, with the exception of the building's venetian blinds have been resolved and that rectification of building defects have been rigorously pursued with only minor items outstanding at 30 June 1991. In addition, it is reported that claims against consultants were settled prior to 31 December 1990 and that the Authority's offices on State Circle were dismantled and restorative landscaping completed by 28 June 1991.

This Bill represents the final legal step necessary to wind- up the Authority.

Main Provisions

The Principal Act will be repealed by clause 4.

The effect of clause 5 will be that Commonwealth will assume any outstanding obligations of the Authority.

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Commonwealth of Australia 1992.

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