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Choice of Repairer Bill 2010

Part 2 Choice of repairer


6   Application of Part

                   This Part applies only in respect of motor vehicles manufactured after the 1994 model year.

7   Access to information and diagnostic tools

             (1)  A corporation that manufactures a motor vehicle in Australia or that imports a motor vehicle into Australia must:

                     (a)  provide, in a standard format via the Internet, motor vehicle owners and repair facilities with unrestricted access to all the service and training information relating to a motor vehicle manufactured by the corporation, including information necessary to activate the controls of that motor vehicle; and

                     (b)  on the request of a motor vehicle owner or a repair facility, promptly make available to the motor vehicle owner or repair facility, through reasonable business means, all the diagnostic tools and capabilities necessary to diagnose, service and repair the motor vehicle.

             (2)  A corporation referred to in subsection (1) must provide to motor vehicle owners and independent repair facilities the same information, and make available to them the same diagnostic tools and capabilities, that it provides and makes available to franchised dealerships of the corporation, at the same time that they are provided and made available to those dealerships.

8   Availability of diagnostic tools and capabilities

             (1)  The regulations may prescribe:

                     (a)  the method or methods by which corporations may provide the information and make available to motor vehicle owners and repair facilities the diagnostic tools and capabilities referred to in section 7;

                     (b)  the fees that may be charged by corporations for providing the information and making available the diagnostic tools and capabilities referred to in paragraph (a).

             (2)  The Minister must take all reasonable steps to ensure that regulations are made for the purposes of subsection (1) within one year of the commencement of this Act.