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Schedule 1—Amendments

Schedule 1 Amendments


Marriage Act 1961

1  Subsection 5(1) (definition of marriage )

Repeal the definition, substitute:

marriage means the union of 2 people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

2  Paragraphs 23(2)(b) and 23B(2)(b)

Omit “a brother and a sister ”, substitute “sibling s”.

3  At the end of section 39


             (4)  A person who is authorised by subsection (1) or under subsection (2) to solemnise marriages must not refuse to solemnise a marriage unless section 100 of this Act applies.

4  Subsection 45(2)

After “ or husband ”, insert “, or partner, or spouse ”.

5  Subsection 46(1)

Omit “a man and a woman”, substitute “2 people”.

6  Section 47 (heading)

Repeal the heading, substitute:

47   Authorised celebrants (other than certain State and Territory officers) not bound to solemnise marriage etc.

7  Section 47

Omit “Nothing”, substitute “Subject to subsection 39(4), nothing”.

8  Paragraph 47(a)

Omit “, being a minister of religion,”.

Application of amendments—ministers of religion

To avoid doubt, the amendments made by this Schedule do not require ministers of religion to solemnise marriages.

10  Subsection 72(2)

After “ or husband”, insert “, or partner, or spouse”.

11  Section 88EA

Repeal the section.

12  Part VIII (heading)

Repeal the heading, substitute:

Part VIII Application and transitional provisions

Division 1 Commencement of this Act

13  At the end of Part VIII


Division 2 Amendment of the definition of marriage

110   Application of amendments relating to the definition of marriage

             (1)  The amendments of this Act made by Schedule 1 to the Freedom to Marry Act 2016 apply in relation to marriages that take place at or after the commencement of that Schedule.

             (2)  The marriage definition amendments apply after that commencement, in relation to marriages that took place before that commencement, for the pu rposes of the following provisions:

                     (a)  Division 3 of Part IV (marriages by foreign diplomatic or consular officers);

                     (b)  Part VA (recognition of foreign marriages);

                     (c)  this subsection;

                     (d)  any other provision of this Act, in so far as the provision applies in relation to a marriage that is recognised as valid because of paragraph (a) or (b) of this subsection.

             (3)  The marriage definition amendments are the amendments of the following provisions of this Act made by Schedule 1 to the Marriage Legislation Amendment Act 2015 :

                     (a)  the definition of marriage in subsection 5(1);

                     (b)  paragraph 23(2)(b);

                     (c)  paragraph 23B(2)(b) .

14  Part III of the Schedule (table item 1)

Omit “a husband and wife ”, substitute “2 people”.