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Quarantine Charges (Imposition—Excise) Amendment Bill 2014

Schedule 1 Amendments


Quarantine Charges (Imposition—Excise) Act 2014

1  Title

Omit “ Quarantine Act 1908 ”, substitute “ Biosecurity Act 2014 ”.

2  Section 1

Omit “ Quarantine Charges (Imposition—Excise) Act 2014 ”, substitute “ Biosecurity Charges Imposition (Excise) Act 2014 ”.

Note:       This item amends the short title of the Act. If another amendment of the Act is described by reference to the Act’s previous short title, that other amendment has effect after the commencement of this item as an amendment of the Act under its amended short title (see section 10 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 ).

3  Section 6

Repeal the section, substitute:

6   Imposition of charges

             (1)  A regulation may prescribe a charge in relation to a prescribed matter connected with the administration of the Biosecurity Act 2014 .

             (2)  The charges prescribed under subsection (1) are imposed as taxes.

             (3)  Two or more charges may be prescribed in relation to the same matter, and a single charge may be prescribed in relation to 2 or more matters.

             (4)  This section imposes a charge only so far as that charge is a duty of excise within the meaning of section 55 of the Constitution.

4  Section 8

Repeal the section.

5  Part 3

Repeal the Part.