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Part 3—Meetings of the High Speed Rail Planning Authority

Part 3 Meetings of the High Speed Rail Planning Authority


24   Convening meetings

             (1)  The Authority must hold the meetings that are necessary for the efficient performance of its functions.

             (2)  Meetings are to be held at the times and places that the Chair determines.

Note:          See also section 33B of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 , which contains extra rules about meetings by telephone etc.

             (3)  The Chair:

                     (a)  may convene a meeting; and

                     (b)  must convene at least 2 meetings each calendar year; and

                     (c)  must convene a meeting if requested in writing by:

                              (i)  6 or more other members; or

                             (ii)  the Minister.

25   Presiding at meetings

             (1)  The Chair must preside at all meetings at which he or she is present.

             (2)  If the Chair is not present at a meeting, the members present must appoint one of their number to preside.

26   Quorum

             (1)  At a meeting of the Authority, a quorum is constituted by a majority of members.

             (2)  However, if:

                     (a)  section 18 prevents a member from participating in the deliberations or decisions of the Authority with respect to a particular matter; and

                     (b)  when the member leaves the meeting concerned there is no longer a quorum;

the remaining members at the meeting constitute a quorum for the purpose of any deliberation or decision at the meeting with respect to that matter.

27   Voting at meetings

             (1)  A question arising at a meeting is to be determined by a majority of the votes of the members present and voting.

             (2)  The person presiding at the meeting has a deliberative vote and, in the event of an equality of votes, a casting vote.

28   Conduct of meetings

                   Subject to this Part, the Authority may regulate proceedings at is meeting as it considers appropriate.

29   Minutes

                   The Authority must keep minutes of its meetings.