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Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Legislation Amendment (Further 2007 Budget Measures) Bill 2007

Schedule 3 Crisis payments for humanitarian entrants to Australia


Social Security Act 1991

1  Subsection 19D(1)

Omit “and 1061JHA”, substitute “, 1061JHA and 1061JI”.

2  After section 1061JHA


1061JI   Qualification—humanitarian entrant to Australia

             (1)  A person is qualified for a crisis payment if:

                     (a)  the person arrives in Australia; and

                     (b)  that arrival is the first time the person has arrived in Australia as the holder of a qualifying humanitarian visa (see subsection (2)); and

                     (c)  the person makes a claim for a crisis payment within 7 days of that arrival; and

                     (d)  on the day on which the claim is made:

                              (i)  the person is in severe financial hardship (see section 19D); and

                             (ii)  the person has made a claim (whether on the same day or on an earlier day) for a social security pension or benefit and the person is qualified for the pension or benefit.

             (2)  The Minister may, by legislative instrument, specify visas that are qualifying humanitarian visas for the purposes of paragraph (1)(b).

3  Application of amendments

The amendments made by this Schedule apply in relation to a person who arrives in Australia as the holder of a qualifying humanitarian visa on or after 1 January 2008.