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Private Health Insurance Bill 2007

Part 6-1 Introduction

Division 230 Introduction

230-1   What this Chapter is about

This Chapter:

               (a)     provides for the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman to deal with complaints and conduct investigations;

              (b)     provides for the powers, functions and duties of the Private Health Insurance Administration Council;

               (c)     deals with some general administrative matters relating to the incentives schemes in Part 2-2;

              (d)     deals with some general aspects of external and terminating managers (relevant to Divisions 149 and 217);

               (e)     deals with administration and collection of private health insurance levies;

               (f)     provides for the Private Health Insurance Risk Equalisation Trust Fund;

               (g)     protects information obtained for the purposes of this Act and sets out the circumstances in which such information may be used;

              (h)     provides for review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of certain decisions made under this Act;

               (i)     provides for miscellaneous other matters such as delegations, the approval of forms and the making of Private Health Insurance Rules and regulations.