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Aged Care Amendment (2005 Measures No. 1) Bill 2006

Schedule 4 Refunds of accommodation bond balances


Aged Care Act 1997

1  Before paragraph 57-21(3)(a)


                    (aa)  if the care recipient dies—within 14 days after the day on which the approved provider is shown the probate of the will of the care recipient or letters of administration of the estate of the care recipient; or

2  Subparagraph 57-21(3)(a)(i)

Omit “7 days”, substitute “14 days”.

3  Subparagraph 57-21(3)(a)(ii)

Omit “7 days” (wherever occurring), substitute “14 days”.

4  Subparagraph 57-21(3)(a)(iii)

Omit “7 days”, substitute “14 days”.

5  Paragraph 57-21(3)(b)

Omit “2 months”, substitute “14 days”.

6  Paragraph 57-21(3)(b)

Omit “paragraph (1)(a), (b)”, substitute “paragraph (1)(b)”.

7  After section 57-21


57-21A   Payment of interest on accommodation bond balance

             (1)  An approved provider that is required under this Subdivision to refund an * accommodation bond balance must pay an amount representing interest on the accommodation bond balance in the circumstances (if any) specified in the User Rights Principles.

             (2)  The amount is to be worked out in accordance with the User Rights Principles.

             (3)  The amount must be paid to the person specified in the User Rights Principles in the way specified in the User Rights Principles.