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Abolition of the Gold Travel Pass for Former Politicians (Reflecting Community Standards) Bill 2003

Part 1 Introduction


1   Short title

                   This Act may be cited as the Abolition of the Gold Travel Pass for Former Politicians (Reflecting Community Standards) Act 2003 .

2   Commencement

             (1)  Each provision of this Act specified in column 1 of the table commences, or is taken to have commenced, on the day or at the time specified in column 2 of the table.


Commencement information

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3




1.  Part 1 and anything in this Act not elsewhere covered by this table

The day on which this Act receives the Royal Assent


2.  Parts 2 to 5 and Schedule 1

1 January 2004, provided the Parliament has appropriated funds for the purposes of this Act.


Note:          This table relates only to the provisions of this Act as originally passed by the Parliament and assented to. It will not be expanded to deal with provisions inserted in this Act after assent.

             (2)  Column 3 of the table is for additional information that is not part of this Act. This information may be included in any published version of this Act.

             (3)  If the Parliament has not appropriated funds for the purposes of this Act by 30 December 2003, the provisions covered by item 2 of the table, do not commence.

3   Simplified outline

The following is a simplified outline of this Act:

•      This Act repeals the entitlement of former Members of the Parliament to severance travel and to hold a Life Gold Pass.

•      Part 2 deletes provisions in the Remuneration Tribunal Determination providing for payment of severance travel and relating to Life Gold Passes.

•      Part 3 establishes limited travel entitlements for former Prime Ministers.

•      Part 4 provides for payment of travel and other entitlements for a limited period to a person who retires from Parliament and to the widow or widower of a person who dies while a Member of the Parliament.

•      Part 5 sets out general conditions and arrangements for the payment of travel entitlements under this Act and transitional arrangements.

•      Schedule 1 repeals the Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) Act 2002 .

4   Definitions

In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears:

Australia does not include an external Territory.

commercial purpose means a purpose relating to the derivation of financial gain or reward, whether as a board member, an office-holder, an employee, a self-employed person or otherwise.

domestic travel means travel that is:

                     (a)  wholly within Australia; and

                     (b)  not for a commercial or personal purpose; and

                     (c)  on a scheduled transport service or on a combination of scheduled transport services.

former member means a person who has retired from the Parliament.

member means a member of either House of the Parliament.

personal purpose means a purpose solely or principally relating to the gratification of a need or desire of the person concerned and includes recreation, entertainment and visiting a relative or personal friend.

retirement from the Parliament has the meaning given by section 5.

scheduled transport service means:

                     (a)  a scheduled air service; or

                     (b)  a scheduled rail service; or

                     (c)  a scheduled bus service; or

                     (d)  a scheduled tram service; or

                     (e)  a scheduled ferry service; or

                      (f)  a scheduled vehicular service.

spouse , in relation to a member, includes a person who is living with the member on a genuine domestic basis, whether or not legally married to the member and whether or not of the same gender as the member.

trip includes a return trip or a trip with one or more stop-overs.

widow , in relation to a member, means the person who was the spouse of the deceased member at the time of his or her death.

widower , in relation to a deceased member, has the same meaning as widow .

year means:

                     (a)  the financial year beginning on 1 July 2004; or

                     (b)  a later financial year.

5   Retirement from the Parliament

             (1)  For the purposes of this Act, a person retires from the Parliament when the person ceases to be a member.

             (2)  For the purposes of subsection (1), a person is taken not to have ceased to be a member while he or she continues to be entitled to the Parliamentary allowance that was payable to him or her as a member.

             (3)  This Act applies to retirement from the Parliament, whether the retirement occurs before, at or after the commencement of this section.

6  Appropriation

The cost of travel under this Act is to be paid out of funds appropriated by the Parliament for the purposes of this Act.

7   Schedule(s)

                   Each Act that is specified in a Schedule to this Act is amended or repealed as set out in the applicable items in the Schedule concerned, and any other item in a Schedule to this Act has effect according to its terms.