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Designs Bill 2003

Part 4 Material may be provided to Registrar


69   Certain material may be provided to Registrar

             (1)  A person may provide to the Registrar material relating to whether a registered design is new or distinctive within the meaning of Division 1 of Part 4 of Chapter 2. The material may be provided even if the person has not made a request under subsection 63(1) that the design be examined.

             (2)  The material is to be provided in accordance with the regulations.

             (3)  If a person provides material to the Registrar under subsection (1), the Registrar must:

                     (a)  inform the registered owner of the design that the material has been provided; and

                     (b)  provide a copy of the material to the registered owner of the design; and

                     (c)  retain the material throughout the period prescribed by the regulations.

             (4)  Nothing in this section is to be taken to require the Registrar to examine a design under Part 3.

             (5)  The Registrar must make a copy of material provided to the Registrar under subsection (1) available for public inspection.


Chapter 6 Infringement