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Designs Bill 2003

Part 1 Simplified outline of Chapter 2


9   Simplified outline

                   The following is a simplified outline of this Chapter:

This Chapter sets out matters relating to design rights.

Part 2 specifies the exclusive rights of the registered owners of a registered design.

Part 3 specifies:

               (a)     who is entitled to be registered as the owner of an unregistered design; and

              (b)     who is the registered owner of a registered design.

Part 4 defines the key concepts of registrable design , newness , distinctiveness and substantial similarity . These concepts are important because:

               (a)     in examining a design under Chapter 5, the Registrar must decide whether it is new and distinctive when compared to the prior art base; and

              (b)     in deciding whether a person has infringed a registered design under Chapter 6, a court must consider whether the allegedly infringing design is substantially similar in overall impression to the registered design.