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Health Insurance Amendment (Rural and Remote Area Medical Practitioners) Bill 2000
Schedule  1 Amendment of the Health Insurance Act 1973


1  After section 19AB


19ABA   Medicare benefits not payable in respect of services rendered by doctors who breach certain contracts with the Commonwealth

             (1)  Despite section 19AA, a medicare benefit is not payable in respect of a professional service rendered by, or on behalf of, a medical practitioner who has breached a contract with the Commonwealth under which the practitioner agreed to work in a rural or remote area.

             (2)  The period during which medicare benefits are not payable under subsection (1) is a period equal to twice the length of the period that the practitioner agreed, under the contract, to work in the rural or remote area or such shorter period as is determined in, or in accordance with, the contract.

             (3)  Subsections (1) and (2) apply whether or not the medical practitioner referred to in those subsections was a medical practitioner at the time of entering the contract or at the time of the breach.


             (4)  This section applies to contracts entered into after the commencement of this section.

2  Section 19CC

Omit “or 19AB”, substitute “, 19AB or 19ABA”.

Note:       The heading to section 19CC is altered by omitting “ or section 19AB ” and substituting “ , 19AB or 19ABA ”.

3  At the end of section 19CC


Note:          For the purposes of sections 19AA and 19AB, professional service is defined in section 19AA. Professional service , when used in section 19ABA, is defined in subsection 3(1).