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Excise Amendment (Alcoholic Beverages) Bill 2000
Schedule 1 Amendment of the Excise Act 1901


1  Subsection 4(1) (definition of Bulk container )

Omit “spirit”, substitute “liquid”.

2  Subsection 4(1)


other excisable beverage has the same meaning as in the Excise Tariff Act 1921 .

3  Subsection 4(1) (definition of Spirit )

After “item 2”, insert “(other than subitem 2(H))”.

4  Section 24

Omit “and” (first occurring), substitute “or”.

5  Section 24

After “duties of Customs”, insert “, or both excisable goods and goods liable to duties of Customs,”.

6  Subsections 58(4) and (5)

After “spirit” (wherever occurring), insert “or other excisable beverage”.

7  Paragraph 58(5)(a)

Omit “is from time to time prescribed”, substitute “the CEO approves in writing”.

8  After paragraph 162C(1)(c)


                    (ca)  a decision of the CEO giving an approval, or refusing to give an approval, under paragraph 58(5)(a);