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Maritime Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 [2006]

Originating house
Transport and Regional Services


Amends the: Lighthouses Act 1911 to revise penalties for offences in relation to damages to marine navigational aids; Navigation Act 1912 in relation to a range of matters, including: military forces ships; application of the Act to certain ships; detention of ships; voyage permits for unlicensed ships; pilotage; reporting of ship movements; alcohol and drug testing; immunity of pilots and pilotage providers from certain civil liability claims; and penalties for major offences; Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Act 1983 in relation to: requiring Australian chemical tankers to prepare and carry a Marine Pollution Emergency Plan for Noxious Liquid Substances; the amount of security payments; and service of documents on a ship’s agent; and Shipping Registration Act 1981 to: allow mortgages to be removed from the Australian Register of Ships at the request of the mortgagee; provide for the delegation of certain powers; and allow electronic access to the Register.

Progress of bill

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Introduced and read a first time 23/06/05  
Second reading moved 23/06/05  
Second reading agreed to 07/02/06  
Third reading agreed to 07/02/06  
House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 08/02/06  
Second reading moved 28/03/06  
Second reading agreed to 29/03/06  
Third reading agreed to 29/03/06  
Assent 06/04/06 Act no.: 24 - Year: 2006

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