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Insurance Contracts Amendment Bill 2013

Originating house
House of Representatives


Amends the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 in relation to: duty of utmost good faith; bundled workers’ compensation contracts; bundled contracts generally; electronic communication; powers of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC); insureds’ duty of disclosure and duty to inform of duty of disclosure; eligible contracts of insurance; non-disclosure by life insureds; unbundling of contracts; remedies for non-disclosure and misrepresentation; remedy for misstatement of date of birth; cancellation of contracts; requests by third party beneficiaries to insurers for information; insurers’ defences in actions by third party beneficiaries; rights and obligations of third party beneficiaries under life insurance contracts; rights of third parties to recover against insurers; representative actions by ASIC on behalf of third party beneficiaries; non-disclosure or misrepresentation by members of group life insurance schemes; and subrogation.

Progress of bill

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House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 14/03/13  
Second reading moved 14/03/13  
Referred to Federation Chamber 19/03/13  
Second reading debate 19/03/13  
Second reading agreed to 19/03/13  
Reported from Federation Chamber 19/03/13  
Third reading agreed to 19/03/13  
Introduced and read a first time 20/03/13  
Second reading moved 20/03/13  
Second reading debate 20/06/13  
Second reading agreed to 20/06/13  
Third reading agreed to 20/06/13  
Text of bill as passed both Houses 20/06/13  
Assent 28/06/13 Act no.: 75 - Year: 2013

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  • Referred to Committee (21/03/2013): Senate Economics Legislation Committee; Committee report (13/05/2013)
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