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Administrative Appeals Tribunal Amendment Bill 2005

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Administrative Appeals Tribunal Amendment Bill 2004



(1)     Schedule 1, item 15, page 5 (lines 13 to 26), omit subsections (1) and (1A), substitute:


             (1)  A person must not be appointed as the President unless he or she is a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia.

[qualifications of President]

(2)     Schedule 1, item 26, page 7 (lines 13 to 16), to be opposed .

[qualifications of President]

(3)     Schedule 1, item 27, page 8 (before line 1), before note 1, insert:

Note 1A: The following heading to subsection 10(1) is inserted “ Acting President ”.

[qualifications of President]

(4)     Schedule 1, item 36, page 10 (after line 13), after subsection (3), insert:

       (3AA)  Before the Minister exercises a power conferred by subsection (3), the Minister must consult the President.

[Divisions of the Tribunal]

(5)     Schedule 1, item 66, page 18 (after line 27), at the end of section 23, add:

           (12)  In determining whether a direction covered by subsection (9) or (11) is in the interests of justice, the President must have regard to the objective of proceedings that are conducted in a manner that is fair, just, economical, informal and quick.

[reconstitution of Tribunal]