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Acts Interpretation Amendment Bill 1998

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia










Acts Interpretation Amendment Bill 1998



(Amendments to be moved on behalf of the Government)


(1)     Schedule 1, item 1, page 4 (lines 3 to 7), omit subsections (5) and (6), substitute:

             (5)  An authorisation under subsection (1), and the revocation of such an authorisation, must be in writing.

(2)     Schedule 1, item 2, page 4 (lines 14 to 32), omit the item, substitute:

2  Validation of past authorisations

If a Minister (the authorising Minister ) purported, before the commencement of this item, to give to another Minister or member of the Executive Council an authorisation to act on behalf of the authorising Minister in the performance of functions or duties, or the exercise of powers, that the authorising Minister was empowered to perform or exercise under an Act or a provision of an Act or under an instrument (including a regulation, rule or Proclamation) having effect under or for the purposes of such an Act or provision:

                     (a)  the authorisation is taken to have been validly given; and

                     (b)  if the authorisation continues in force after that commencement, the authorising Minister may at any time, by writing, revoke the authorisation.

(3)     Schedule 1, item 5, page 5 (line 14), after “function”, insert “or duty”.

(4)     Schedule 1, item 7, page 5 (line 28), omit “5”, substitute “6”.

(5)     Schedule 1, item 7, page 6 (line 2), omit “5”, substitute “6”.