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Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia








Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017




(1)     Amendment (7), item 106, omit subsections 128(1) and (2), substitute:

             (1)  Independent reviews of the operation of this Act, and in particular of arrangements and requirements relating to funding for schools, are to be conducted by a review board (the National School Resourcing Board ):

                     (a)  on request by the Minister; or

                     (b)  on its own initiative.

Review boards

             (2)  A review board must consist of at least 6, but no more than 9, members who:

                     (a)  are appointed by the Minister; and

                     (b)  in the opinion of the Minister, have suitable experience and expertise in the matters to be addressed by the review.

(2)     Amendment (7), item 106, after subsection 128(6), insert:

          (6A)  An independent review of the matter mentioned in paragraph (7)(a) must be conducted at least annually.

(3)     Amendment (7), item 106, at the end of section 128, add:

Review board may publish information and statements

           (13)  A review board may, at any time, publish information obtained or developed by it in conducting a review to bring to the public’s attention an instance of the Commonwealth, a State, a Territory or an approved authority:

                     (a)  not distributing funding on a needs basis; or

                     (b)  funding a school below its share for a year; or

                     (c)  funding a school above its share for a year.