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Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Bill 2013

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia







Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Bill 2013


(1)     Page 17 (after line 13) , at the end of the Bill, add:

Schedule 2—Preventing the Commonwealth from handing to a State or Territory responsibility for approving proposed actions that significantly impact matters protected under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999


Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

1  Paragraph 11(a)

Omit “a bilateral”, substitute “an”.

2  Division 1 of Part 4

Repeal the Division.

3  Paragraphs 44(c) and (d)

Omit “and approval” (wherever occurring).

4  Subparagraphs 45(2)(a)(iii) and (iv)

Omit “and approval” (wherever occurring).

5  Section 46

Repeal the section.

6  Subsection 47(4)

Omit “but the action must still be approved under Part 9”.

7  Subsection 48(3) (heading)

Repeal the heading, substitute:

Relationship with section 47

8  Subsection 48(3)

Omit “sections 46 and”, substitute “section”.

9  Subsection 48A(1)

Omit “46 or”.

10  Subsection 48A(1)

Omit “(2) or” (wherever occurring).

11  Subsection 48A(1)

Omit “(as appropriate)”.

12  Subsection 48A(2)

Repeal the subsection.

13  Subsection 51(1)

Omit “(1)”.

14  Subsection 51(2)

Repeal the subsection.

15  Subsection 51A(1)

Omit “(1)”.

16  Subsection 51A(2)

Repeal the subsection.

17  Subsection 52(1)

Omit “(1)”.

18  Subsection 52(2)

Repeal the subsection.

19  Subsection 53(1)

Omit “(1)”.

20  Subsection 53(2)

Repeal the subsection.

21  Subsection 54(1)

Omit “(1)”.

22  Subsection 54(2)

Repeal the subsection.

23  Section 55

Omit “, or accredit for the purposes of a bilateral agreement a management arrangement or an authorisation process,”.

24  Subsection 59(1) (examples 1 to 3)

Repeal the examples.

25  Section 64

Repeal the section.

26  Section 65A

Repeal the section.

27  Section 66

Omit “(It does not deal with actions that a bilateral agreement declares not to need approval.)”.

28  Paragraph 77A(1A)(b)

Omit “relates; or”, substitute “relates.”

29  Paragraph 77A(1A)(c)

Repeal the paragraph.

30  Subparagraph 78(1)(ba)(i)

Omit “a bilateral agreement and a management arrangement or an authorisation process that is a bilaterally accredited management arrangement or a bilaterally accredited authorisation process for the purposes of the agreement”, substitute “an agreement”.

31  Subparagraph 78(1)(ba)(ii)

Omit “, or the management arrangement or authorisation process is no longer in force under, or set out in, a law of a State or a self-governing Territory identified in or under the agreement”.

32  Subsection 82(2)

Omit “1,”.

33  Subsection 82(2)

Omit “a bilateral”, substitute “an”.

34  Subsection 146(2) (note 2)

Omit “, or make a bilateral agreement declaring,”.

35  Section 528 (definition of bilaterally accredited authorisation process )

Repeal the definition.

36  Section 528 (definition of bilaterally accredited management arrangement )

Repeal the definition.

[bilateral agreements]