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Paid Parental Leave and Other Legislation Amendment (Dad and Partner Pay and Other Measures) Bill 2012

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Paid Parental Leave and Other Legislation Amendment (Dad and Partner Pay and Other Measures) Bill 2012



(1)           Clause 2, page 2 (after line 3), at the end of the table, add:


5.  Schedule 2, Part 3

Immediately after the commencement of the provisions covered by table item 4.




(2)           Schedule 2, page 58 (after line 25), at the end of the Schedule, add:

Part 3 Amendments to reduce the compliance burden for employers

Paid Parental Leave Act 2010

36  Section 4 (fourth paragraph under the heading “ Chapter 3—Payment of parental leave pay ”)

Repeal the paragraph, substitute:

Part 3-3 sets out when the Secretary must pay instalments directly to the person. The Secretary is required to do that if an employer determination is never made for the person. There are some other circumstances in which the Secretary is also required to pay instalments directly to the person (such as when an employer determination has been revoked).

37  Section 6 (definition of employer determination decision )

Repeal the definition.

38  Section 6 (definition of subject to review )

Repeal the definition.

39  Section 6 (definition of transfer day )

Omit “(3),”.

40  Subsection 64(1) (note)

Omit “Sections 93 and 94 affect”, substitute “Section 94 affects”.

41  Section 83

Omit “is being reviewed or”.

42  Subsection 84(3)

Repeal the subsection.

43  Subsection 85(1)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

             (1)  This section applies if both of the following apply:

                     (a)  the Secretary is required to pay an instalment to a person under subsection 84(4) (which deals with payment of instalments where an employer determination is revoked);

                     (b)  the employer determination made for the person and the person’s employer has never come into force.

44  Subsection 85(3)

Omit “paragraph (1)(a) or (b)”, substitute “subsection (1)”.

45  Section 93

Repeal the section.

46  Section 100

Omit the section, substitute:

100   Guide to this Part

This Part is about employer determinations. If an employer determination is in force for an employer and a person, the employer must pay instalments to the person.

Under Division 2, the Secretary may make an employer determination if the Secretary is satisfied that certain conditions have been met.

If the Secretary makes an employer determination for a person and the person’s employer, the employer must give the Secretary certain information to enable the Secretary to pay the employer PPL funding amounts for the person.

Division 3 is about when an employer determination is in force. It includes rules about revoking employer determinations.

Division 5 provides for the Secretary to give an employer for whom an employer determination has been made notice of certain other decisions under this Act.

47  Subsection 101(1)

Omit “Secretary must”, substitute “Secretary may”.

48  Paragraphs 101(b) and (c)

Repeal the paragraphs, substitute:

                     (b)  both the person and the employer have consented in the claim to the employer paying instalments to the person; and

49  Paragraph 101(f)

Repeal the paragraph, substitute:

             ; and (f)  the employer determination is made on or before the day on which the payability determination referred to in paragraph (a) is made.

50  Subsections 101(2) and (3)

Repeal the subsections.

51  Subsection 101(4)

Omit all the words after and including “of all or any”, substitute “that the employer is not a fit and proper person”.

52  Subsection 102(5)

After “a person”, insert “and the person’s employer”.

53  Subsection 102(5)

Omit “the person a”, substitute “them a”.

54  Subsection 102(5)

Omit “the person of”, substitute “them of”.

55  Section 103

Before “Within”, insert “(1)”.

56  Section 103

Omit all the words after and including “do one of”, substitute “give the Secretary a written notice (the acceptance notice ) that complies with section 104”.

57  Section 103 (note)

Repeal the note.

58  At the end of section 103


             (2)  The employer may, at any time, by written notice given to the Secretary, withdraw the acceptance notice.

59  Subsection 104(5)

Repeal the subsection.

60  Sections 105 and 106

Repeal the sections.

61  Subsection 107(1)

Omit “or (3)”.

62  Subsection 107(2)

Omit “or a compliance notice given under section 157”.

63  Subsection 107(3)

Repeal the subsection.

64  Subsection 108(1) (table item 2)

Omit “as required by a compliance notice given for a contravention of section 103”, substitute “within the time required under subsection 103(1) or has, by written notice given to the Secretary, withdrawn the acceptance notice for the employer determination”.

65  Subsection 108(6)

Repeal the subsection.

66  Division 4 of Part 3-5

Repeal the Division.

67  Section 146 (table items 10 and 11)

Repeal the items.

68  Subsection 157(1)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

Compliance notice given by Secretary

             (1)  This section applies if the Secretary reasonably believes that a person has contravened subsection 82(2) (which deals with notifying the Secretary if certain events happen).

69  Paragraphs 159(1)(b) and (c)

Repeal the paragraphs.

70  Section 202 (fifth paragraph of the Guide to Part 5-1)

Repeal the paragraph, substitute:

The third kind of review is where an employer applies for internal review of certain decisions that affect the employer.

71  Subsection 203(2)

Repeal the subsection.

72  Subsection 205(1)

Omit “, 207”.

73  Paragraph 206(1)(b)

Repeal the paragraph.

74  Section 207

Repeal the section.

75  Subsection 209(2)

Omit “, other than an application under section 207 (which deals with application for review of employer determination decisions),”.

76  Paragraphs 210(2)(a) and (b)

Omit “an employer determination decision or”.

77  Paragraphs 212(1)(c)

Repeal the paragraph.

78  Paragraph 212(1)(d)

Omit “any other”, substitute “a”.

79  Section 213

Omit “employer determination decisions and”.

80  Subparagraphs 215(2)(a)(vi) and (vii)

Repeal the subparagraphs.

81  Paragraphs 223(1)(a) to (d)

Omit “an employer determination decision or”.

82  Subsection 224(1)

Repeal the subsection.

83  Subsection 224(3)

Omit “(1) or”.

84  Paragraph 225(2)(b)

Repeal the paragraph.

[reducing the compliance burden for employers]