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Australian National Preventive Health Agency Bill 2010

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia







Australian National Preventive Health Agency Bill 2010



(1)     Part 1, page 2 (after line 12), after clause 2, insert:

2A  Objects and functions

             (1)  The object of this Act is to establish an Agency to advise on and manage national preventive health programs.

             (2)  The function of the Agency and its CEO are to be interpreted in accordance with the following objects:

                     (a)  to effectively monitor, evaluate and build evidence in relation to preventive health strategies;

                     (b)  to facilitate a national health prevention research infrastructure;

                     (c)  to generate new partnerships for workplace, community and school interventions;

                     (d)  to assist in the development of the health prevention workforce; and

                     (e)  to coordinate and implement a national approach to social marketing for preventive health programs.

[objects and functions]

(2)     Clause 3, page 3 (after line 7), insert:

industry representative means a person who the Minister is satisfied has high level industry or commercial expertise in manufacture, distribution, or marketing of food or beverages, including of alcohol beverages.


(3)     Clause 11, page 5 (lines 26 to 29), omit paragraph 11(f), substitute:

                      (f)  to conduct educational, promotional and community awareness programs relating to preventive health, including:

                              (i)  the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition;

                             (ii)  reducing tobacco use;

                            (iii)  minimising the harmful drinking of alcohol;

                            (iv)  discouraging substance abuse; and

                             (v)  reducing the incidence of obesity amongst Australians; and

[functions of the CEO]

(4)     Part 3, page 7 (after line 27), after clause 11, insert:

11A  Publication

                   The CEO must cause a copy of any advice or recommendations made in undertaking the CEO’s functions under subsection 11(1) to be published on the ANPHA’s website within 14 days of providing the advice or making the recommendations.

[publishing advice]

(5)     Clause 29, page 14 (line 11), omit “and”.


(6)     Clause 29, page 14 (line 13), at the end of paragraph 29(c), add:


                     (d)  at least one, but no more than 2, members who are industry representatives; and

                     (e)  at least 1, but no more than 2, other members representing consumers or consumer health organisations.