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Civil Dispute Resolution Bill 2011

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Civil Dispute Resolution Bill 2010



(1)     Clause 4, page 2 (after line 14), before subclause (1), insert:

          (1A)  For the purposes of this Act, a person takes genuine steps to resolve a dispute if the steps taken by the person in relation to the dispute constitute a sincere and genuine attempt to resolve the dispute, having regard to the person’s circumstances and the nature and circumstances of the dispute.

[meaning of genuine steps]

(2)     Clause 14, page 8 (lines 1 to 3), to be opposed .

[relationship with other laws]

(3)     Page 11 (before line 3), before clause 18, insert:

17A   Act does not exclude or limit law relating to disclosure of information, etc.

                   To avoid doubt, this Act does not exclude or limit the operation of a law of the Commonwealth, a law of a State or Territory, or the common law (including the rules of equity), relating to the use or disclosure of information, the production of documents or the admissibility of evidence.

[relationship with other laws]