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Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Close of Rolls and Other Measures) Bill 2010

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia







Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Close of Rolls and Other Measures) Bill 2010


(1)     Page 33 (after line 7), after Schedule 3, insert:

Schedule 3A—Amendments relating to provisional votes

Part 1—Amendments

Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918

1  After subsection 235(1B)


          (1C)  If a person to whom this section applies casts a provisional vote but does not meet a requirement to provide evidence of his or her identity in accordance with subsection (1B), the DRO must:

                     (a)  compare the signature of the person on the declaration required under subsection (2) with the signature of the elector on the elector’s application for enrolment or transfer of enrolment; and

                     (b)  allow the scrutineers to inspect both signatures; and

if the DRO is satisfied after comparing the signatures that the person is the elector, then subsection (1B) is taken not to apply.

2  Paragraph 6.(ca) of Schedule 3

Omit “subsection 104(4)”, substitute “subsection 104(4) or 235(1C)”.

Part 2 Application of amendments

3  Application of amendments

            The amendments made by this Schedule apply in relation to elections the writs for which are issued on or after the commencement of the amendments.

 [AEC to compare signatures on provisional vote declarations]

(2)     Clause 2, page 2 (table item 2), omit “3”, substitute “3A”.

[consequential amendment—commencement]