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Fair Work Bill 2009

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Fair Work Bill 2008



(1)     Clause 12, page 10 (after line 24), after the definition of annual wage review , insert:

anti-discrimination law : see subsection 351(3).

[general protections]

(2)     Clause 12, page 26 (after line 22), after the definition of registered employee association , insert:

reinstatement includes appointment by an associated entity in the circumstances provided for in an order to which subsection 391(1A) applies.

[reinstatement by associated entities]

(3)     Clause 12, page 28 (line 13), omit the definition of State or Territory anti-discrimination law .

[general protections]

(4)     Page 251 (after line 26), at the end of Division 7, add:

281A   How employees, employers and employer organisations are to be described

             (1)  This section applies if a provision of this Part requires or permits an instrument of any kind to specify the employers, employees or employee organisations covered, or who will be covered, by a workplace determination or other instrument.

             (2)  The employees may be specified by class or by name.

             (3)  The employers and employee organisations must be specified by name.

             (4)  Without limiting the way in which a class may be described for the purposes of subsection (2), the class may be described by reference to one or more of the following:

                     (a)  a particular industry or part of an industry;

                     (b)  a particular kind of work;

                     (c)  a particular type of employment;

                     (d)  a particular classification, job level or grade.

[description of employees etc.]

(5)     Clause 347, page 301 (line 31), after “association”, insert “, or to someone in lieu of an industrial association”.

[general protections]

(6)     Clause 351, page 304 (lines 12 and 13), omit paragraph (2)(a), substitute:

                     (a)  not unlawful under any anti-discrimination law in force in the place where the action is taken; or

[general protections]

(7)     Clause 351, page 304 (lines 22 and 23), omit the note.

[general protections]

(8)     Clause 351, page 304 (line 24), omit “a State or Territory ”, substitute “an”.

[general protections]

(9)     Clause 351, page 304 (before line 26), before paragraph (3)(a), insert:

                    (aa)  the Age Discrimination Act 2004 ;

                   (ab)  the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 ;

                    (ac)  the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 ;

                   (ad)  the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 ;

[general protections]

(10)   Clause 391, page 325 (after line 28), after subclause (1), insert:

          (1A)  If:

                     (a)  the position in which the person was employed immediately before the dismissal is no longer a position with the person’s employer at the time of the dismissal; and

                     (b)  that position, or an equivalent position, is a position with an associated entity of the employer;

the order under subsection (1) may be an order to the associated entity to:

                     (c)  appoint the person to the position in which the person was employed immediately before the dismissal; or

                     (d)  appoint the person to another position on terms and conditions no less favourable than those on which the person was employed immediately before the dismissal.

[reinstatement by associated entities]

(11)   Clause 391, page 326 (line 7), at the end of paragraph (2)(b), add “, or (if subsection (1A) applies) the associated entity”.

[reinstatement by associated entities]

(12)   Clause 524, page 417 (line 23), omit “Note:”, substitute “Note 1:”.

[stand down]

(13)   Clause 524, page 417 (after line 25), at the end of subclause 524(2), add:

Note 2:       An enterprise agreement or a contract of employment may also include terms that impose additional requirements that an employer must meet before standing down an employee (for example requirements relating to consultation or notice).

[stand down]

(14)   Clause 734, page 543 (line 19), before “A”, insert “(1)”.

[multiple actions]

(15)   Clause 734, page 543 (line 22), omit “another”, substitute “an anti-discrimination”.

[general protections]

(16)   Clause 734, page 543 (after line 27), at the end of the clause, add:

             (2)  A person must not make an application or complaint under an anti-discrimination law in relation to conduct that does not involve the dismissal of the person if:

                     (a)  a general protections court application has been made by, or on behalf of, the person in relation to the conduct; and

                     (b)  the application has not:

                              (i)  been withdrawn by the person who made the application; or

                             (ii)  failed for want of jurisdiction.

[multiple actions]