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Schools Assistance Bill 2008

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5648- Revised



The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia








Schools Assistance Bill 2008



(1)     Clause 22, page 25 (lines 3 to 11), to be opposed .

[national curriculum]

(2)     Clause 24, page 26 (lines 3 to 18), to be opposed .

[reports on financial operations]

(3)     Page 26 (after line 2), after clause 23, insert:

24   Funding agreements—reports on programs of financial assistance

             (1)  A funding agreement must require the relevant authority for the non-government school, or other non-government body, to ensure that a report (or reports), of a kind (or kinds) required by the Minister, is given to the Minister in relation to programs of financial assistance provided under this Act, so far as they relate to the relevant authority.

             (2)  A report mentioned in subsection (1) must be given to the Minister no later than a day or days (if any) determined by the Minister.

[reports on financial operations]