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Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2007



(1)     Clause 2, page 2 (table item 3), omit “item 4”, substitute “items 4 to 4B”.

[consequential amendment: disclosure of interests]

(2)     Schedule 1, Part 1, page 3 (after line 18), at the end of the Part, add:

4A  Subsection 270-45(4)

Omit “The * member”, substitute “Unless the Minister or the Council otherwise determines, the * member”.

4B  At the end of section 270-45


             (5)  For the purposes of the Council making a determination under subsection (4) in relation to a * member who has made a disclosure under subsection (1), a member who has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in the matter to which the disclosure relates must not:

                     (a)  be present during any deliberations of Council for the purposes of making the determination; or

                     (b)  take part in the making by the Council of the determination.

[disclosure of interests]