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Private Health Insurance Bill 2007

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia





Private Health Insurance Bill 2006



(1)     Page 4 (after line 10), after clause 3-30, insert:

3-35  Review of operation of Act

             (1)  The Minister must cause an independent review of the operation of this Act to be completed by 1 April 2009.

             (2)  In conducting the review, consideration must be given to:

                     (a)  an examination of the extent to which broader health cover has eroded universalism in healthcare and contributed to inequity in access to services between those with private health insurance and those without; and

                     (b)  an audit of health insurance products to identify any that provide financial or other incentives that are contrary to the principle of community rating; and

                     (c)  an assessment of the adequacy of the standard information statements arrangements in assisting consumers to compare private health insurance products.

             (3)  The person undertaking the review must give the Minster a written report of the review.

             (4)  The Minister must cause a copy of the report of the review to be tabled in both Houses of the Parliament within 15 sitting days of receiving the report.

[review clause]

(2)     Division 34, page 21 (line 2) to Division 40, page 30 (line 9), TO BE OPPOSED .

[lifetime health cover - age loadings]

(3)     Clause 253-1, page 211 (line 7), at the end of subclause (1), add “and section 253-2”.

[merit selection]

(4)     Page 211 (after line 12), after clause 253-1, insert:

253-2  Procedures for merit selection of appointments under this Act

             (1)  The Minister must by writing determine a code of practice for selecting and appointing a person to a position under section 253-1, 267-5 or 273-1 of this Act that sets out general principles on which the selection is to be made, including but not limited to:

                     (a)  merit; and

                     (b)  independent scrutiny of appointments; and

                     (c)  probity; and

                     (d)  openness and transparency.

             (2)  After determining a code of practice under subsection (1), the Minister must publish the code in the Gazette .

             (3)  The Minister must review a code of practice determined under subsection (1) not later than every fifth anniversary after the code has been determined.

             (4)  In reviewing a code of practice, the Minister must invite the public to comment on the code.

             (5)  A code of practice determined under subsection (1) is a disallowable instrument for the purposes of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 .

[merit selection—all appointments]

(5)     Clause 264-5, page 220 (line 5), at the end of the clause, add:

                   ; (d)  minimising the level of health insurance premiums.

[objective - minimising premium levels]

(6)     Clause 267-5, page 224 (line 11), at the end of subclause (1), add “in accordance with a code of practice determined under section 253-2”.

[merit selection]

(7)     Clause 273-1, page 231 (line 5), at the end of subclause (1), add “in accordance with a code of practice determined under section 253-2”.

[merit selection]