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Copyright Amendment Bill 2006

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia





Copyright Amendment Bill 2006




(1)     Schedule 1, page 37 (after line 12), after item 12, insert:

12A  Subsection 152(1) (after the definition of broadcasting )


community radio broadcasting licence means a community broadcasting licence allocated by the Australian Broadcasting Authority under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 that authorises the holder of the licence to broadcast radio programs.

[definition of community radio broadcasting licence]

(2)     Schedule 1, page 37 (after line 12), after item 12, insert:

12B  Subsection 152(8)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

             (8)  The Tribunal must not make an order that would require a broadcaster who is the holder of a community radio broadcasting licence to pay, in respect of the broadcasting of published sound recordings during the period covered by the order, an amount exceeding 1% of the amount determined by the Tribunal to be the gross earnings of the broadcaster during the period equal to the period covered by the order that ended on the last 30 June that occurred before the period covered by the order.

[price cap—licence fee]

(3)     Schedule 1, page 37 (after line 12), after item 12, insert:

12C  Subsection 152(9)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

             (9)  If a broadcaster that is the holder of a licence referred to in subsection (8) has, with the permission of the Australian Broadcasting Authority, adopted an accounting period ending on a day other than 30 June, the reference in subsection (8) to 30 June is, in relation to the broadcaster, a reference to that other day.

[price cap—licence fee]