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Privacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Privacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2006




(1)     Schedule 2, page 5 (after line 28), after item 5, add:

Schedule 3—Amendments relating to exemptions within the Privacy Act

Privacy Act 1988

6  Subsection 6C(1) (after paragraph (e) of the definition of organisation )


               ; or (f)  a political party; or

                     (g)  a small business; or

                     (h)  a small business operator;

[reducing exemptions provided under the Act]

7  Subsection 6C(1) (definition of organisation )

Omit “a small business operator, a registered political party,”.


8  Section 6E

Repeal the section.


9  Section 6EA

Repeal the section.


10  Paragraph 7B(2)(b)

Repeal the paragraph.


11  Subsection 7B(2)

Repeal the note.


12  Section 7C

Repeal the section.

[removing exemptions to political acts and practices]