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Wednesday, 5 December 1973
Page: 2516

Senator HANNAN - Senator Hendrickson.

Senator Poyser - What did he say?

Senator HANNAN - It is in Hansard. Go and have a look at it. I do not carry that sort of nonsense around in my head. I have quoted the very words he said. I was not going to disclose his name because I have, perhaps wrongly, a certain cavalier approach to honourable senators opposite, but since the honourable senator has asked me for his name I have given it to him.

Senator McLaren - What date?

Senator HANNAN - I do not carry the dates of these idiot speeches around in my head. One of the most remarkable aspects of this evening's debate was the crashing silence from honorable senators opposite until I started to speak. They have now become vocal- irrational and noisy, but vocal. I want to point out that in Victoriaand mind you, in this as in the Liberal Party and any other party Victoria is the mainspring in the heart of all political endeavour and I do not think there will be any challenge to that statement- the socialist left led by Mr Hartley and George Crawford are in a position of very great power. So strong was their criticism when poor Mr Holding attempted to say at the State election before last that he favoured a reasonable quantum of State aid he was disciplined by Hartley and Crawford and the rug was pulled out from under him, and of course he had no prospect whatever of forming a government.

Senator McLaren - Tell us why your Party disciplined you?

Senator HANNAN - It did not discipline me; let there be no doubt about that. And do not rejoice too early. The mere fact that we have been given so much nonsense in the Press of recent days is living proof of the Government's belief that it has sufficient hired pens and sufficient control of the media to ensure that one of the worst confidence tricks that has ever been attempted to be foisted on the people of this country has been given such publicity. The Government alleges that our action will deprive schools of $694m. Nobody on this side has ever said that. Nobody except the Government's propagandists has ever said that. Nobody except the hired pens and the hired voices behind the microphones has ever suggested that that was the real position. It is simply not true. The Prime Minister's credibility is at stake in this Bill. His credibility has received some very nasty shocks lately. The Premier of South Australia who can scarcely be said to be in Mr Snedden 's pocket has said: 'I have been dishonoured by a broken pledge '. Why? Because Mr Whitlam told him before the election: 'You can tell the brandy characters that under Labor this impost will go '.

Senator McLaren - I rise on a point of order. What has the brandy issue got to do with this Bill?

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