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Thursday, 28 September 1972
Page: 1313

Senator KEEFFE - You will be pleased to know, Mr President, that this is my last question. I ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs whether he is aware that early in 1971 I was advised in this chamber, in a written reply to a question on notice, that there was no breach of Treasury Regulation 52. The reply was supplied by a senior Minister. I ask the Minister whether he is also aware that the

Department of Foreign Affairs agreed with the Auditor-General's Office, by way of a letter dated 9th July 1971, that Regulation 52 had in fact been breached? I now ask the Minister why he has suppressed this information for one year and 4 months?

Senator Wright - Mr President, I ask for a withdrawal of the expression 'suppressed'.

The PRESIDENT - Order! I think that it is a very injudicious word, Senator Keeffe, and I am quite convinced that you will agree to withdrew it.

Senator KEEFFE - Mr President,I used the word 'suppressed' in the last question directed to the Minister and he did not object. But if he is going to object this time. I will withdraw it.

The PRESIDENT - Order! As a matter of fact, I was going to object on behalf of the Minister, but the Minister took the matter up.

Senator KEEFFE - I will withdraw the word 'suppressed' and say: Why has the Minister withheld this information forI year and 4 months?

Senator WRIGHT - I ask that the question be placed on notice.

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