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Wednesday, 5 May 1965

Senator GORTON - The Minister for Labour and National Service has supplied the following answer -

A number of awards made pursuant to the Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904-1964 exclude from some or all of their provisions certain categories of workers, including Aborigines. In particular, in the Federal Pastoral Industry Award 1956, Aborigines are excluded from the definition of "Station Hands" used for the purposes of the award; the Cattle Station Industry (Northern Territory) Award 1951 does not apply to Aborigines within the meaning of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Ordinance; the Aircraft Industry Award 1955 does not apply to " Aborigines employed in the Northern Territory with the approval of the Native Affairs Branch of the Northern Territory

Administration"; and the Northern Territory Pearl Fishing Award 1955 does not apply to an employee whose wages and conditions are fixed by the Northern Territory Aboriginal Ordinance.

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