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Thursday, 29 April 1965

Senator WEDGWOOD (Victoria) . - Mr. Chairman, I have listened to Senator Kennelly's remarks.- While I think he has thrown up a smoke screen, 1 do not consider that he has attempted to answer the central and the prime objection of the Government in regard to the amendment. Senator Kennelly has just said that there will be no delay. But that is not true. One can easily imagine people who would feel inclined to lend money feeling very discouraged to know that a regulation approving them for that purpose could be disallowed some months later. 1 think that is the crux of the argument. It is not a matter of the time it takes for the Government to bring down a regulation. The fact of the matter is that the Regulations and Ordinances Committee can on a subsequent occasion disallow a regulation.

Senator Prowse - No.

Senator WEDGWOOD - A member of the Committee can move for the disallowance of a regulation, and Parliament can disallow it. That is true. This is a matter for concern by people who would be prepared to lend money but who realise at the outset that on some future occasion a regulation affecting them could be disallowed in this Parliament. I, for the life of me, cannot understand how senators - and I do not care whether they belong to the Government or the Opposition - who have been claiming for years that there should be more and more money for housing and who have criticised over and over again the insufficiency of loan money for housing, can stand in this place and justify any procedure that delays the use of loan money to people who need it as desperately, as some .of our young people do today.

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