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Wednesday, 7 April 1965

Senator PALTRIDGE (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) (Minister for Defence) - Obviously, it is advantageous that in appropriate circumstances the equipment used by the Australian forces should be identical, or at least compatible, with that used by the forces of the United States of America with whom we are, and for a number of years have been, associated in a number of defence arrangements. The defence report that was presented last year and the speech delivered late last year by the Prime Minister gave some indication of the type of equipment which the logistics agreement signed recently might cover. I think if 1 detail some of the equipment by way of illustration the honorable senator will receive the information he has requested. For the Navy, for example, there are the Charles F. Adams destroyers, with their many involved and intricate electronic systems; the Tracker anti-submarine aircraft; torpedoes; and missiles and ammunition. For the Army there are the amphibians and tracked carriers; fixed wing light aircraft such as the Cessna - and probably there will be others; helicopters; and radio and radar equipment, which the honorable senator will immediately realise, needs to be compatible with that used by the other Services. For the Air Force there are the FI IIA aircraft and its systems, weapons and missiles; Hercules medium transport aircraft; Orion maritime reconnaissance aircraft which, incidentally, is a flying laboratory in much the same way that the Charles F. Adams destroyer is a floating laboratory; and the 130E Hercules transport aircraft.

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