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Friday, 13 November 1964

Senator HENDRICKSON asked the

Minister representing the Acting Minister for Health, upon notice -

1.   What has been the annual expenditure over the past 10 years on cancer research and treatment?

2.   How much of this money was provided by the Commonwealth Government?

3.   What progress has been made in treatment of early cancer of the pancreas?

4.   What measurements of radio active fallout are made annually in Australia and at what centres are the measurements taken?

5.   By what authority are the checks on fallout carried out?

6.   What are the figures on iodine 131, strontium 90 and Caesium activities in the atmosphere of the various capital cities of Australia?

7.   If no reliable figures are available, can the Government be sure that there is no danger to the population?

8.   Are any figures available on the concentration of strontium 90 in milk?

9.   Are any tests carried out to ascertain the concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides in food stuffs; if so, with what results?

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