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Thursday, 12 November 1964

Senator ANDERSON - The Minister for Social Services has supplied the following answers to the honorable senator's questions -

1.   The Federal housekeeper grant was designed to encourage the development and extension of emergency housekeeper services available to families, particularly during the illness or confinement of the mother. The conditions with which the States were required to comply in order to participate in the grant were -

(i)   To use the grant for the purpose of assisting emergency housekeeper services;

(ii)   Not to reduce Stale expenditure on or subsidy of such services below that for the financial year 1948-49; and.

(iii)   To distribute the amount received only to organisations or agencies approved by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.

In granting approvalto organisations, the Department of Social Services seeks satisfaction of the following requirements -

(a)   The service should beavailable to all sections of the community, should be of an emergency nature, and for a limited period, as a general rule three weeks, in any one household; and

(b)   The organisation should recover from the client as much of the cost of the service as is practicable, having regard to the client's ability to pay.

2.   An allocation of £15,000 was apportioned between the States on a population basis, the amount for each State being as follows -


All States except South Australia accepted the allocation.

3.   The allocation is paid annually, the State Governments determining the basis on which it is distributed to the approved organisations, except in Queensland, where the money is paid direct to all eligible organisations by the Department of Social Services.

4.   In November 1963, the South Australian Government made an approach regarding its allocation, but so far has not provided the information required before payment could be made.

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