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Wednesday, 28 October 1964

Senator HENTY (Tasmania) (Minister for Civil Aviation) . - Senator Willesee asked for information about naval construction. The first item of the proposed expenditure of £19,985,000 is £304,000 for the completion of four anti-submarine frigates. This work is being done in Australia. The next item is £59,000 for the conversion. modification and construction of mine sweepers in the United Kingdom. An amount of £50,000 is to be spent on a survey ship which was built at the Newcastle State dockyard. It is proposed to spend £7,777,000 on the Charles F. Adams class destroyers which are being built in the United States of America. Another item is £88,000 for miscellaneous support craft which are being constructed in Australia. It is proposed to spend £83,000 on the construction in Australia of work boats.

Construction of submarines of the Oberon class in the United Kingdom will cost £3,428,000. For the provision and fitting of the Ikara weapon, there is provision for £3,864,000. This work will be done in Australia. An escort maintenance ship is being built in Australia at a cost of £2,844,000. The next item is £6,000 for merchant ship degaussing to be spent in Australia. The last item is provision for two new type 12 frigates to be built in Australia on which the expenditure this year will be £1,482,000. The total amount is £19,985,000 as is shown in the estimates.

Senator Ormonde asked some questions about the situation at Jervis Bay. The establishment there, as I understand it, is a training college. I do not think that the College has anything to do with the radar service to which Senator Ormonde referred, and I do not think the Royal Australian Navy is responsible for that radar. Senator Ormonde said that those operating the radar were working Public Service hours. I would not think that the hours when the radar is being operated could be described as Public Service hours but I believe that those operating the radar consider that its hours of operation are consistent with the safety of the nation in present circumstances. I do not know whether the hours have been altered since Senator Ormonde raised the matter a few weeks ago. The honorable senator said that nobody appeared to be at the Jervis Bay Naval College at Christmas time. I would think that most of the lads in training there were home for Christmas.

Senator Ormonde - It is not a defence unit?

Senator HENTY - No, I understand it is a training college.

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