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Tuesday, 20 October 1964

Senator MCCLELLAND (New South Wales) . - I desire to speak on Division No. 480, sub-division 2, item 05, and relate my remarks to publicity. I assume that this item relates to publicity for the Department of Territories generally. I notice that, for the last financial year, a sum of £95,000 was appropriated for this purpose but only the amount of £69,138 was actually expended. Nevertheless, in this financial year, an amount of £80,000 is set aside for that purpose. I should like Senator Gorton, who represents the Minister for Territories in this chamber, to give the Committee some indication as to the type of publicity that is involved in connection with the administration of this Department.

I notice, dealing with Division No. 480, Administration, an increase of some 42 officers in this section of the Department. It seems to me rather strange that whilst last year a sum of £95,000 was set aside for publicity purposes and only £69,138 was actually expended, an amount of £80,000 is set aside for this purpose in this financial year.

I now wish to ask the Minister a question in relation to Division No. 484, item 01, Rent set aside for the Department of Civil Aviation. The appropriation last year was £2,000, of which only £1,105 was expended. The sum appropriated for this financial year is £2,000. Perhaps the Minister is able to explain the purpose of this item.

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