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Wednesday, 23 September 1942

Senator AYLETT - The board was eventually balanced by those additional delegates or representatives being appointed, to meet the wishes of the Opposition. Since a motion for the disallowance of a similar regulation four months ago was moved the right to approve of two extra delegates has been removed from the Minister and given to the chairman of the board. As honorable senators opposite have not brought forward additional facts, I fail to see that they have any justification for moving the disallowance of these regulations. At their last attempt they were defeated, not only here but also in the House of Representatives, and since that time the regulations have been amended to meet their wishes. When they persist it is apparent that they do not wish to see peace in industry in Australia. They know perfectly well that, if they carried the motion to-day, there would be no machinery in operation to meet the cases now awaiting hearing, and that friction would immediately commence throughout the industrial organizations of Australia. Once friction developed there would follow immediate stoppages of work, and industry would cease to produce the armaments and munitions that women are to-day producing for the soldiers who are fighting the enemy who is knocking at the door. If the members of the Opposition wished to co-operate with the Government in the successful prosecution of the war they would withdrew the motion and allow industry to work in peace, as it has been doing during the last four months. If they persist with the motion, they are definitely out to interrupt Australia's war effort, and in that case they are definitely out to assist the enemy instead of cooperating with the Government.

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