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Wednesday, 16 September 1942

Senator FOLL (QUEENSLAND) - .Nobody likes to see taxes increased, but, in view of tho serious position in which the nation finds itself, we should endeavour to finance the war effort on sound lines.

I shall now refer to the way in which the Department of Labour and National Service is discharging its functions in the matter of the supply of labour to vital industries. The regulations providing that it was not competent for people to leave their employment without receiving permission to do so, or to go from place to place, imposed a restriction on the liberty of the individual; but there are many restrictions at present on the liberty of all individuals in Australia. The Government is not carrying out its own regulations in this regard. The Captain's Flat mine is producing some of the most vital requirements of thu country in the shape of metals. Lead, copper, zinc and other metals are vitally necessary to out war effort, but owing to the shortage of labour - no action is being taken by the Government to prevent men from leaving their jobs - production will be severely restricted in some branches of the metal industry. - Since it is essential that raw materials be produced to the utmost capacity, the Government should not fail to stand up to its responsibilities in this matter.

On many occasions Senator Collett has asked the Government what its policy is with regard to preference to returned soldiers.

Senator Ashley - How did he handle that matter when a mem'ber of the last Government ?

Senator FOLL - He acted in accordance with the policy of the Government, which provided for preference to returned soldiers.

Senator Collings - There is no alteration.

Senator FOLL - Does the Minister assure me that this Ministry intends to maintain the policy of preference to returned soldiers in the matter of employment that was observed when it took over the reins of government?

Senator Collings - There has been no alteration.

Senator FOLL - Does the Minister assure me that no alteration will be made ?

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