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Wednesday, 27 May 1942

Senator A J McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - J. McLachlan. - Then the honorable senator does not listen to himself a great deal.

Senator BROWN - If I did that, 1 should be listening to a more sensible person than the honorable senator. On occasions I have listened to the honorable senator, and have left the chamber feeling like the lunatic who consoled himself by saying, "At least, when I am talking to myself, I am talking to somebody intelligent ". I think that most honorable senators will agree that on all occasions I endeavour to put forward a reasonable argument. I view this matter from the economic standpoint, and I say that, economically, it is possible to feed our widows and orphans. Surely that is not stupidity; surely, even Senator A. J. McLachlan will give me credit for having some intelligence! I realize that it is impossible for some honorable senators opposite to understand a man when he is talking intelligently, but the ordinary folk outside. Parliament have a clearer appreciation of these things. They know what it is to go short of food and clothing. In Queensland to-day, even under a Labour government, some people are going short of the necessaries of life. Ample evidence of that can be obtained from Christian organizations, such as the Salvation

Army, which feed and clothe people in necessitous circumstances. Some years ago, when 400,000 people were out of work, we saw the unfortunate spectacle of huge numbers of men, women and children going without the things they needed in a country which was quite capable of feeding and clothing them. I may be a lunatic, but all this talk of a new order means nothing to me unless some practical steps towards it are taken now. The result of this legislation will be that the least that we can expect of that new order is that the widows and children will be provided for. I have been endeavouring to convince honorable senators opposite that this scheme can be undertaken now economically, and if it can be done economically, it can be done financially.

Senator Spicer - That is so.

Senator BROWN - Apparently I have convinced 'Senator Spicer, so there is no need for me to say anything more.

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