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Friday, 1 May 1942

Senator GIBSON (Victoria) .- I desire to make a short statement in regard to the purchase of wool by manufacturers. From time to time, statements have appeared in the press to the effect that wool manufacturers in this country obtain their wool at the appraised price. To me that seemed to be very unfair, because the appraised price of wool is always 8 per cent, .below the price the grower receives. I put the matter to the Minister assisting the Minister for Commerce and he very kindly supplied 'me with information which I think will be very valuable to those interested in wool-growing. The position is that the manufacturer obtains his wool at the appraised price, plus 15 per cent., provided the purchase is made for local use. If the wool is for use in manufactured goods for export, a surcharge of 25 per cent, is imposed, making a total of 40 per cent, payable on the appraised price. If the goods are for use for Empire military purposes, 2-J per cent, discount is allowed on the wool content. That refutes the statements which hare appeared in the press, because the manufacturers have to pay more than the appraised price, plus 8 per cent, which is generally under-valued, and it is just as well that the wool-growers should know where they stand in regard to this matter.

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