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Friday, 1 May 1942

Senator FOLL (Queensland) - [ did not intend to convey the impression to Senator A. J. McLachlan that a transfer of the commission's head office to Canberra would involve the removal of studios and technical equipment, since all that would be involved would be the establishment of the administrative centre at Canberra.

Senator A J McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - Has the honorable senator ever been inside the administrative office of the commission?

Senator FOLL -Yes. The honorable senator seems to imagine that when a person who thinks he can sing wishes to be tried out, he must button-hole members of the commission before an opportunity to be heard is given. We know that in every capital city the commission has studios and provision for auditions and the transmission of programmes. I was never under the impression that a transfer of its administrative staff to Canberra would involve the removal of the various mechanical contrivances that are necessary in broadcasting the programmes regularly heard over the air. Each State is represented on the commission, and there is no reason why the members should not gather in Canberra for the purpose of their conferences. They could come here as well as go to Sydney, Brisbane or any other city. I do not know what the members of this commission think about the possibility of a transfer to Canberra, but I know that many commissions would object to it. They need a little gingering up to enable them to realize that Canberra is the centre of Commonwealth administration. I hope that, when members now in Opposition get back into ministerial office, they will take a firmer stand than has been made in the past in order to ensure that thus capital city shall become the administrative centre for the Commonwealth.

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