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Friday, 1 May 1942

Senator A J McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) . - By phrasing his amendment in that way, the honorable senator has not accomplished what I should imagine is the end that he has in view. I understand that he desires the administration of broadcasting to be in the hands of the Postmaster-General. That is a desire which I share with him, but if " the Minister " is defined as " The Postmaster-General or the Minister administering this act", we shall do no more than the law provides to-day. Under the Acts Interpretation Act, " the Minister " is defined as " the Minister for the time being administering the act or enactment in which, or in respect of which, the expression is used ". If the honorable senator wishes to confine the administration to the Postmaster-General he should say so, because there is provision later in the bill that, in the absence of the Postmaster-General, his executive functions can be discharged by the Minister noting for him.

Senator McBride - Senator Gibson merely wishes to make the position clear to the public.

Senator A J McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - It is a pity that all acts of Parliament are not clear. I do not think that the second portion of the amendment is necessary.

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