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Friday, 6 March 1942

Senator ASHLEY - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follow : -

1.   The Department of Information is the public relations link between the Commonwealth Government and the various publicity media of the Commonwealth, and important overseas centres - the press, broadcasting stations, film industry, and almost every other avenue of publicity.

2.   The department employs a staff of trained journalists and broadcasting experts who convey to the publicity media factual information upon which they are able to base the interpretation of war news in a way to give tothe public of Australia a reliable day-by-day picture of the war as it affects Australia. Similarly the department maintains close contact with overseas correspondents in Australia and through its own representatives in overseas centres maintains contact with the publicity media in those centres to ensure that the Australian point of view is made available for the consideration of all publicity media in interpreting war news to their own people.

3.   The numerical strength of the department is 118 employees. 4.The approximate annual cost of the department is £127,400.

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