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Wednesday, 17 December 1941

Senator FOLL (Queensland) .- I direct the attention of the Government to the confusion which apparently exists in this country in regard to action which should be taken in the event of air raids. Although we all sincerely hope that air raids will notoccur, we must be prepared for them. I read in a newspaper this morning that when certain air raid sirens sounded inadvertently recently, a considerable amount of confusion was caused because apparently the people were not fully acquainted with the best steps to take in the event of a raid. Last week I discussed this subject for a few minutes with the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom in Australia, Sir Ronald Cross, who, of course, was in London during some of the heaviest air bombardments on that city. Sir Ronald said that very often many lives could be saved and property protected if people observed certain simple rules. It occurred to me that the Minister for Information (Senator Ashley) might be able to make arrangements for the A and B class stations to broadcast at specified periods a few simple rules and general information in regard to air raids. I realize that air raid precautions are matters for the States, but statements appear continually in the press which are both confusing and contradictory. It would be of great assistance if people knew what to do in an emergency, and many lives might be' preserved and property saved if the people had a general knowledge of how to protect themselves and how to deal with incendiary bombs. People write to the press giving unreliable information.

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