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Wednesday, 17 December 1941

Senator FOLL - At any rate the honorable senator promised to give us something for nothing.

Senator Darcey - Nothing of the kind.

Senator FOLL - The honorable senator repeatedly quoted paragraph 504 of the report of the Hoya! Commission on Monetary and Banking Systems. Now that he and his colleagues occupy the Government benches and a Government is in office which he said would be prepared to accept his Father Christmas proposals.

I note that it has not yet done so, but on the contrary now proposes to do what we on this side always contended it would be obliged to do. I recall Senator Brown telling us how our financial system would be changed, and how our national credit would be expanded immediately Labour was given a chance to govern. I well remember the Leader of the Senate (Senator Collings) himself waxing hot on the mere suggestion t hat any one earning £150 a year should be obliged to pay a direct tax at all. However, these are times when we must be realistic. Therefore, we can afford to be a little generous to the Government. At t he same time, I am justified in drawing public attention to the fact that the financial policy outlined by the Menzies and Fadden Governments must have been sound when this Government now proposes to adopt a similar policy.

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