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Tuesday, 16 December 1941

Senator COLLINGS (QueenslandMinister for the Interior) . - in reply - Articles of the kind to which the honorable senator has referred are not new or unusual, as far as the newspaper mentioned byhim is concerned.I assure the Senate that the. matter is receiving the attention ofthe Government, and that an announcement will be made later.

Question resolved in the affirmative. PAPERS.

The following papers were presented : -

Arbitration (Public Service) Act - Determinations by the Arbitrator, &c. -

No. 34 of 1941 - Commonwealth Public Service Artisans' Association.

No. 35of 1941- Fourth Division Postmasters. Postal Clerks andTele- graphists' Union.

No.36 of 1941 - Australian Third Division Telegraphists and Postal Clerks' Union.

No.37 of 1941 - Arms Explosives and Munition Workers' Federation of Australia.

No. 38 of 194 1- Commonwealth Public Service Clerical Association.

Commonwealth Public Service Act -

Eighteenth Report on the Commonwealth Public Service by the Public Service Board, dated 11th December, 1041.

Regulations - Statutory Rules 1941, No. 284.

Customs Act - Proclamation, dated 26th November, 1941, prohibiting the exportation (except under certain conditions) of Binoculars.

Defence Act and Naval Defence Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1941, No. 285.

Lands Acquisition Act - Land acquired at - Archerfield, Queensland - For Defence purposes.

Darwin, Northern Territory - For Defence purposes.

Dural, Now South Wales - For Postal purposes.

Ingleburn. New South Wales - For Defence purposes.

Redbank. Queensland - For Defence purposes.

National Security Act -

National Security (General ) Regulations - By-laws - Controlled Areas (2). orders -

Inventions and designs (JOS).

Motor Spirit War Reserves Storage.

Prohibited Places (8).

Prohibited Places and Protected Areas.

Protected Areas.

Taking possession of land, &c. (40). Use of land (20). Regulations - Statutory Rules, 1941, Nos. 273, 274, 275, 270, 277, 278, 279, 280. 281. 282, 283, 280.

Papua Act - Ordinances of 1941 -

No. 10 - Native Crown Servants.

No. 11 - Superannuation.

Seat of Government Acceptance Act and Scat of Government (Administration) Act - Regulations of 1941 - No.9 - (Motor Traffic Ordinance).

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