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Tuesday, 16 December 1941

Assent to the following bills reported : -

Australian Soldiers' RepatriationBill 1941. Land Tax Bill 1941. Estate Duty Bill 1941. Gift Duty Assessment Bill 1041. Gift Duty Bill 1941. Post and Telegraph Rates Bill 1941. Income Tax Bill 1941. War-time (Company) Tax Assessment Bill 1941. War-time (Company) Tax Bill 1941. Income Tax Assessment Bill 1941. States Grants Bill 1941. Appropriation Bill 1941-42. Appropriation (Works and Buildings) Bill 1941-42. Supplementary Appropriation Bill 1939-40. Supplementary Appropriation (Works and Buildings) Bill 1939-40. Loan Bill (No, 3) 1941. Superphosphate Bounty Bill 1941. Apple and Pear (Appropriation) Bill 1941. Petroleum Oil Search Bill 1941.

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